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[1/10] Male Characters ~ Christopher Tietjens

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Hiatus or whatever

So I have a concussion (b/c I’m the biggest klutz ever) and I am not allowed to use the computer for a while so for the next few days or maybe a week I shall be absent from your dash and I apologize. I should be well enough to come back to the addiction that is tumblr. Thanks you guys! And hello to my new followers :3 I know that you just followed me and now I’m wimping out but I’m going to queue up a bunch of my likes so there will be posts. I love you all and I’ll see you in a week!

fuck migraines that last for 24 hours -.- 

Yes!!!!! I’ve always wondered about this. 

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My entire dash is filled with Martin Freeman stripping and I’m sitting here like:


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Very sneaky.


This is so important.

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